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What to Do in Kansas City

September 29th, 2022

From stock car races to Texas Holdem tournaments,Guest Posting Kansas City has it all. If you like to have a good time, you can visit this Midwestern city for all the fun that you can handle. Some of the events you can enjoy when visiting Kansas City, Kansas include the following.

Texas Holdem Tournament

There are several tournaments scheduled in Kansas City each year at the Club Sparks in downtown Kansas City. You can participate in a Texas Holdem tournament every Thursday at this club or you can enjoy the Kansas Texas Holdem Midwest Tournament that is held at the club beginning the first Sunday in June. You have to enter the tournament early to reserve a spot and there are big cash prizes.


The second weekend in June is the annual AIDS walk. This walk has been taken place every year for 15 years and raises money for AIDS awareness as well as a cure. It is held at Theis Park and is open to the public. There is an entry fee for the walk and all proceeds go to charity.

Rockabilly Festival

Visit Theis Park for the annual Rockabilly Festival that is held the second weekend in July. Rockabilly is one of the earliest forms of Rock and Roll. New performers play this 50s style music at the festival and are often joined by some of the more famous. The festival also features food and there is non stop entertainment throughout the weekend. There is a $5 fee for attending the Rockabilly Festival.

Independence Day Celebration

On the Fourth of July, take the family to downtown Kansas City for the parade and fireworks. The parade starts off at City Hall and begins at noon. Festivities include a carnival, vendors, crafts and an outdoor fireworks display after dark. This is a fun event for the entire family.

Polski Day

This annual event takes place at the All Saints Church and is a Polish Festival. You can visit during the last weekend of July for food, arts and crafts as well as traditional Polish music and entertainment. This event pays homage to all of the Polish immigrants who comprise Kansas City and is fun for all nationalities.

Labor Day Barbeque

If you are in the mood for barbeque, you need look no further than the Labor Day Barbeque event that happens every Labor Day at Theis Park. This event features barbeque food from restaurants all over the area and even sponsors contests for the best ribs as well as barbeque sauce. Anyone who enjoys barbeque will enjoy the Labor Day Barbeque held in Kansas City.

Kansas, the Sunflower State, at a Glance

April 23rd, 2022

Many people don’t know that the history of Kansas runs as wide as the Kansas river. In this article, we’ll be taking a brief tour of the history of Kansas. The state that was filled with clashes, tensions, railroads, industrial advancements and more.

The history of Kansas, which became the 34th state of the union in 1861, is filled with drama. It was home to Native Americans for over 14,000 years before explorers discovered the area, which occurred between about 1550 and 1740. During this time, the explorers were in search of precious metals, and information about the area. But it wasn’t until 1803, when Kansas became part of the Louisiana purchase, that it was officially organized as part of an official territory.

The more violent area of Kansas gave it its nickname “Bleeding Kansas.” The conflicts arose over the topic of slavery, and led to many violent battles throughout the civil war. However, when Kansas joined as a free state, the conflict ended.

The tensions didn’t end with the Civil War, however. There were many clashes between the white settlers and the Native Americans, who were both suspicious of each other. This lead to the creation of military enforcement to protect both parties. This lead to the formation of other industrial buildings, such as churches, schools; and Kansas was quickly growing.

To further the growth of Kansas, the Union Pacific railroad stretched as far west as Colorado by 1870. With the trains came the famous cattle drives that transformed areas, such as Wichita, into major distribution centers. And soon after, it was discovered that wheat, brought by Russian settlers in 1874, was ideally suited for the Kansas climate and soil. This was undoubtedly one of the biggest milestones in Kansas’ history – as even today it is known for it’s wheat farming. It wasn’t long after this discovery that Kansas became the nation’s leading producer of wheat.

As the industrial revolution spread across the country, advancements such as oil production and mining, as well as discovery of natural gas, further boosted the economy and development of Kansas. In addition, the advancements of aircraft manufacturing, meatpacking and others lead to the further development of this area in the central United States.